Troubleshooting and Repair

Is it too late for “maintenance”?

It can sometimes be difficult to tell when it is best to repair or upgrade your equipment versus when to purchase new equipment to replace it. There are often times when a computer may seem to be a lost cause, yet cleaning it of viruses and Spyware that the user didn't even know existed will fix it. Likewise there are times when even newer computers have major parts fail, or have an infection bad enough to require a full wipe of the hard drive and rebuild. In these cases it is sometime cheaper to purchase a new computer than to pay for the 12+ hours that go into a full data backup, reload, updates and patches, software installation, and data restoration to get the computer back to it's prior condition.

We can help troubleshoot these problems. Then we discuss the options so that you can make an educated decision on what you would like to do. Whatever you decide, we will make it happen in a timely manner to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

  • On Site and Off Site Troubleshooting of Hardware and Software
  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Desktop, Notebook/Laptop Support
  • Upgrades, Replacements, Recommendations, Installation, and Data Recovery