Technology Liaison

Did you really want to wait on hold just so you could
go through “support's” checklist?

Have you ever wanted to setup or change your communications services and not been sure exactly what to ask for. Maybe you were moving your phone service to a new location, or setting up new service. You could have been setting up your Internet access and not fully understood the offerings and all the different packages, or the differences between providers. Possibly your service was down or not working correctly and you just don't like having to call a helpdesk staffed with the truly clueless.

You don't need to fully understand how phone systems work in order to make a call. Likewise, you don't need to be an expert on network routing to use the Internet. However, it can help to have someone that understands these things when dealing with the providers of these services. This is especially true when setting up new service or reporting things as broken.

We can act as your liaison on these cases. Let us be the communication for you to your service providers and we can help you to make sure you get the services you want or the repairs you need, without the frustration and communication breakdowns that can sometimes happen when you are not sure what to ask, or how to convey the problem or your concerns to the technicians at the service provider.

  • Product Information Research and Implementation
  • Internet Connections, DSL, ISDN, T1, T3, TCP/IP, Dial-ups, Cable Setup and Installation
  • Phone Services, Voice Mail, Multiple Lines, Transport Services, Communications Packages
  • Act as the Technical Contact to your Service Providers